In additional to placing orders online, customers can also place orders by phone, whatsapp, or email as shown below.

Place your order by calling our customer service +852 3157 1118 or Whatsapp +852 5565 5510 during our regular business hours

Monday to Friday
9am – 6pm

9am – 1pm

Just simply email us at [email protected] with the following information:

+ Product styling, color and size (If applicable)
+ Name and phone number of Payer
+ Name and phone number of recipient
+ Delivery address, delivery day and time slot
+ Greeting card content and Signature

1. Click on the product catalog you want fm the main catalog at the top center of the home page.

2. Click on the image of the product you want to go to product detail page.

3. By reviewing the specifications of your chosen product and its pricing and select desired color (if the product has more than one color) and quantity. Then select “Add to Cart.” Please be sure to initiate this process only once to avoid duplicate product orders.

4. Upon selecting the shopping cart icon at the very top right corner, you will be redirect to a page to show a summary of each product, quantity and total price. To checkout, select -check out- or To continue shopping, select -continue shopping-.

*Deletions and adjustments may be made at this time*

5. Upon selecting check out you will be prompted to complete a billing, shipping address information and to select method of payment from among available options to complete your order.

*If you have any queries regarding to fill out the form, please refer to order form guideline.*

6. A real-time order confirmation will be sent via email to the address specified at the time of order. You will also receive an automatic confirmation from PayPal when payment has been received if you settle payment with PayPal.

*Please notify our customer service immediately if you have not receipt of order confirmation within an hour right after order completion.*